c3 Cowrie Shell Residences, Mombasa

c3 Cowrie Shell Residences is an exemplification of commitment to comfort, for both the business and leisure travellers. Simply the best beach apartments along Shanzu’s Bamburi Beach, with close proximity to shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, banks, police stations and other tourist attractions – a true paradise!

The property is located on the tropical paradise on the North coast of Kenya – sitting right next to the pristine Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve. The idyllic white sand beach and warm turquoise waters open a world of endless possibilities for that dream holiday. The hotel boasts 15 elegantly furnished apartments, a restaurant, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, and a spectacular beach front. c3 Cowrie Shell Residences also offers a space for corporate and private events with a maximum capacity of 50 people as well as lush event gardens for intimate functions.



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