coming 2018

Our definition of a good bar is to provide you the best mixed cocktails in the right atmosphere. The bar keepers, or as they are called at the Creek.ology – mixologists, are there to serve you daily. Whether it is for a sundowner or to celebrate any important event, a well stocked bar will provide our guests with a wide choice of drink. Anything from classical international favourits, to local tropical daiquiris or our signature frozen mango margarita, we are here to serve you. Accompanying the bar experience, Creek.ology at the CityBlue Creekside Hotel & Suites is offering tapas, entrees or al fresco menu items.

Our Hotline:

Rwanda: +254 780 450454
International Reservation Contacts:
United Kingdom: +44 800 13378019 9
United States: +1 800 446 612436
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